Practice Fees

All patients with a current medicare card will be bulk billed for all consults. Please note there are out of pocket expenses for procedures. Patients without a medicare card will incur a fee for the following:

Monday – Friday

$70 for a consult less than 20 minutes

$90 for a consult lasting more than 20 minutes but less than 40 minutes

$120 for a consult lasting more than 40 minutes

Saturday and Sunday:

$70 for all consult lengths

Patients who have a private insurance card can present this at time of payment and we can charge it through TYRO.

Non-Attendance Fees:

Applicable to all patients. If you do not attend your booked appointment 3 consecutive times. You will be sent an account for $10. Please note: This account is payable before you will be allowed to book anymore appointments with the practice.

Fees are to be paid at the time of consultation, no accounts will be given.

Out of pocket expenses

Effective as of 27th February 2024

Procedure/ Item: Fee: Medicare Rebate: Gap:
Private Work Medicals, Commercials Drivers
Licenses, and Other Medicals
$120 No rebate $120
Venesections $90 $68.30 $21.70
Iron Infusions $125 No rebate $125
Ear Syringes $30 No rebate $30
Diagnostic and Work-related Spirometry $50 $38.55 $11.45
Monitoring Spirometry $30 $19.30 $10.70
Ongoing Dressings (charged each visit) $15 No rebate $15
Cryotherapy $10 No rebate $10
Cremation Certificate $50 No rebate $50
Implanon Insertion $63.35 $33.35 $30
Implanon Removal $106.85 $56.85 $50
Suture and Wound Repair
Skin Glue $35 No rebate $35
Sutures/wound repair less than 7cm From $78.90 to
From $48.90 to
Sutures/ wound repair more than 7cm From $134.25
to $287.65
From $84.25 to
Punch Biopsy $98.90 $48.90 $50
Excisional Biopsy
Tumour, Cyst, Ulcer or Scar Excision and Repair  From $169.35
to $237.25
From $89.35 to
Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer Excision and Repair From $228.10
to $333.45
From $148.10
to $253.45
Dietician Services
Visit $83.30 $58.30 $25.00
Cancellation Fee = full fee payable on the day of cancellation
Rescheduling Fee = 50% of the full fee payable on the day of rescheduling
Medical Cannabis Services
Initial Registration $150.00 No rebate $150.00
Repeat Script $50.00 No rebate $50.00
Repeat Script (Non Concession Card Holder) $100.00 No rebate $100.00
Repeat Script (Concession Card Holder) $75.00 No rebate $75.00

If you hold a pension or healthcare card you will be bulkbilled for the
procedures/services listed above (exception toenail- wedge resections)

Payment is REQUIRED on the day of the procedure (except excisional biopsies).
Payments for excisional biopsies are required on the day of suture removal.

Thank you Management.